Welcome To The Revolution !
This is the first website strictly dedicated to those who are considered "slow learners " , difficult students , lazy student , disinterested students, trouble makers , easily distracted , class clowns  and the list goes on.

Worse yet, some of these people may eventual drop out of school and society all together . We don't need to go far to find examples. We could go on pointing out the problem. So, let's try something revolutionary ...a SOLUTION !

Here's something a wiseman once told me : there's only two types of knowledge in this world - profitable and unprofitable.  For someone who's car just broke down , knowing the specific gravity on Neptune won't help him fix his car. However, his knowledge of car engines ( and a few bucks ) might.

Mathematics is, in general , a language of measures and guages and therefore , most useful for tools , that make our ideas easier to become reality .......If your drill could talk  or communicate with you ,  what type of language. The revolutions a minute , the voltage or watts from the outlet , the pressure . blah blah blah.

What academics are looking for at the core of this is : " Do you have critical thinking skills ? " are they useful for the application of tools and the like ? If  - yes then we can recommend you for this type of work. If - no then we cannot.

So, you see , this is crucial for employers everywhere in the world who are building things with these tools ( markets, cars, TVs, cellphones ,etc. )

Any One Can Do Math
    Any One Can Do Math